Your Blog’s Lifecycle

So you just had a great idea to start a blog to talk about a very interesting subject that passions you. You immediately think of everything you will talk about and share with the rest of the internet, and since you are an expert in your subject you will know how to please your audience and attract more readers.
However, you should know that all blogs have lifecycles, certain blogs have short lifecycles, and if your blog is one of them, you will experience some trouble. What do I mean by that? I simply mean that depending of your subject, at some point you will not be able to keep up with your posts anymore.

Let’s say you are a fan of figure skating and that you watched and learned it since you were a kid. You like it so much that you decided to blog about it. You have amassed so much knowledge that it’ll be very easy for you to make interesting posts on figure skating. Now you see, while I’m not really a fan of figure skating (just took it as an example) and I might not know anything about figure skating, I do know one thing, every time they show it on TV it’s always the same thing; they skate around to some music, then jump and make either 2 spins or 3 spins, either fall or succeed, and then keep skating more, etc…

How far can your blog go?
I imagine if someone wants to blog about figure skating they will first say about how much they love it. Then talk about the different skating techniques and some competitions and some other stuff. But ultimately there will be a time when the writer will run out of things to say about figure skating since there’s not much to say anyways.
If you compare that to for example a tech blog, a tech writer will never be short of making new posts. Technology is constantly moving and there’s new stuff coming out every hour.
It is important before you start your blog to know how many posts you can expect to make. Your original excitement of starting a blog can deceive you.

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