Why Failure Can Be Great

Several surveys conducted all over the world have revealed time and again that public speaking is considered to be the most prominent fear among general populace. Many recent surveys, however, revealed a different story. The most prominent fear is “Failure.”

Just like ones disability in public speaking, failure is nothing to be ashamed of. We’re conditioned in a manner to avoid coming face-to-face with failure, however, it isn’t a Herculean task top alter that perspective. Following are real advantages of failure:

Failure is a great teacher. Failing at certain things narrows down the options to achieve success. We all know about the scientists’ heavy dependence on the trial and error method while conducting research. Every failure helps them inch closer to groundbreaking success. Consider your own attempts as experiments that are taking you closer to success. Learn from your failures and keep moving.

Failure determines our abilities. How else can you determine your weight lifting limits other than by hitting the gym and dropping a few weights during your attempts. If one avoids testing ones limits, one can never gauge ones abilities. It is said that many a times the fear of failure makes us stop well before even taking that first step. One mustn’t be afraid of failure as it only helps us in getting better.

Failure strengthens us. The weight lifters who lift heavy weights to failure know that it is the only way to build quality muscle power. The stubborn tissues may tear apart in the beginning. But later they heal and turn huge and strong than before. The same holds true for our goals. When we fail during their pursuit, we strengthen our resolve and bounce back with even more vigor.

Failure serves as an inspiration. When we disallow the setbacks to discourage us, we actually catalyze the fire within us to burn even more brightly. Often, such setbacks work as a shot in the arm. Very few know that Michael Jordan was chucked out from his schools’ basketball team. He revealed to Chicago times that it fired him up to succeed and he learnt how one felt when disappointed. He never wanted to experience that disappointment again and hence worked even harder. If failure generates the spark of hard work and perseverance in your life, it can be termed as a great value creating experience.

Failure Pulls Up Others. Leaders have to take risks. Even on occasions when they fail miserably, they can inspire others with their conduct. In the year 1980, an 18-year old boy named Terry Fox ran through the complete length of Canada on a prosthetic leg to create awareness about cancer and raise charity of one million dollars. He successfully covered 3339 miles before a cancer relapse cut short his quest. Even though he lost his life, his efforts never went in vain. His feat has generated over $340 millions in donations till now. His “failure” was actually a great victory.

Failure Develops Courage. Once familiar with failure, one can afford to take risks. If you have the stomach for it, you’ll no longer be intimidated by it. I once used to involve groups in daring rope adventure activities almost 30 feet off the ground level. It was quite usual to see the participants fail during their first attempts. Some of them felt demoralized, while others took it as a challenge. The ones who faced it boldly did very well in the following events. They derived their courage not from being successful, but from their efforts to challenge their limits. If you’ve failed once, you’ll feel more comfortable about taking chances.

Failure is any day better than regret. The opportunities that I have let go by have hurt me more than the ones that never became available. When we fail, at least we feel re-assured by the fact that we tried. However, if we do not try at all for the fear of failure, we’ll only be left with regret later.

Failures open up the gates of better opportunities. I was once rejected for a job that I thought only I could do justice to. Rejection is much worse than unemployment as it can be a very humiliating experience. In a matter of few weeks, I was given an offer for another position that I hadn’t thought of earlier. In the end, the new opportunity turned out to be better paying and more interesting. One can easily give into the thoughts of self- pity after failing, without thinking of the bigger picture. Perhaps it’s the natures’ way to allot whatever is best suited for every individual to him/her alone.

Success tastes even better after failure. No one can explain the sweet taste of success better than one who has dealt with failure. Life will get very boring if everything worked out exactly as we wanted. Failure is just a part of the bigger game of life. Instead of fearing failure, try embracing it once and you’ll find that it is the primary ingredient in the recipe for success.

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