Voltaic Solar Backpack

The Voltaic solar bags can generate power when and wherever you require. It is like a mobile solar backup. They can generate enough power to work in case of an emergency. It can recharge almost all the electronic goods like the laptop, cellphones, cameras, two way radios, PDAs, MP3s etc. They can be called as power generators in mobile form. It is like a mobile charger.

The voltaic solar backpack comes with a set of 11 cells to charge almost all the electronic devices. There are also many ranges of models to choose from. It is protected from the outside by three lightweight, waterproof and tough solar panels, which can generate power of up to 4 watts of power. This causes less time to charge. The pack also has a lithium ion charging pack, which can store the surplus generated and can be used when the solar power backup is over and the weather is clouded.

Voltaic solar backpack


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