Visualize Your Failure

Have you ever visualized your success? Of course you did. As soon as you start something, the only thing you think about is either the prize or seeing yourself take the victory. It is the reward or the feeling of achievement that made you take the first step at the very beginning.

Now, what about visualizing your failure. Have you ever done that? Right after you visualize your success and start your business or journey in anything, did you take a moment to see yourself failing miserably and your dreams going completely wrong? Instead of earning $100,000 that year, have you visualized making barely $20,000 and being drowned in debts?

Now why would someone do that? When you start something, especially a challenging venture, the last thing you want to do is surround yourself with negative thoughts. It is hard enough to succeed, why depress yourself with the thoughts of failing?

Because it can help you succeed
If you take a moment to think about it, visualizing failure can help you succeed in more ways than you can imagine. First, it will show you that you are not invincible and that failure is always an option, no matter how much you like to deny it.

Second and more importantly, it will show you ways that you can fail so that you can avoid them. You see, in the example above when you are starting a business and expecting to make $100,000 or whatever amount, in your mind, every element in your business is nicely set up to have reasonable expectation to make that income, this is no imagination, and you think you have no reason to even doubt that. But when you actually think about failing and seeing yourself in debts, you will ask yourself “How can that happen?” It triggers something in your mind which in turn pushes you to reflect about the paths that could actually lead to failure, an option that you would not even consider having not visualized it. Suddenly you think, “What if my supplier raises its prices abruptly”, “What if the advertising this year doesn’t have the same effects as previous years?” etc…Visualizing your failure is as important if not more as visualizing your success.


  1. Ralph Jean-Paul says:

    Good post. I’m completing the visualization section of my site and I’ve made similar suggestions to my readers. Another advantage of visualizing failure is that it prepares you if you do fail so that you can bounce back quicker. Good stuff.

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