The Pagani Zonda Watch

The Pagani Zonda is a car that many agree, including me, one the most beautiful cars ever created. What makes this car so exceptional is its super performance, along with its futuristic design, both interior and exterior. This car also makes itself stand out of the crowd with its price tag of $700,000 USD. But for a real enthusiast of the Zonda F, the car is not enough, and every accessory is welcome, and that is why they created the Pagani Zonda F StopWatch.

The makers of this watch are CVSTOS, as swiss company of course. The watch also comes in many different colors such as white, titanium, and even pink. Unfortunately, if you thought you could get a little taste of the car by buying something more affordable like a watch, you’d be wrong. Just like the car, this watch is no cheap either. CVSTOS swiss watches price at around $10,000 USD.

Who would spend $10,000 for watch? The same people who would spend $700,000 for a car!


  1. Adam Huber says:

    like to know what is the price for this watch

  2. Julian bau says:

    how mutch cost this

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