PDA Wristwatch

You might have seen PDA devices in the market. Did you ever think of PDA devices in your watch making it more handy than it is…Yes, wrist watch with PDA, which is equipped with address book, to do list, calendar, memo pad, calculator and much more and very much on your wrist. If you want some more additional features you can very well add on the extra applications from Palm Gear Store. This Wristwatch PDA attuned with Palm OS platform and operates all the applications of Palm OS with being trendy enough to impress people around you with the latest technology on you wrist. Being amazingly useful, it is very light. Flextronics and Fossil, with Flextronics being one of the leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider and Fossil, certified for palm operating systems have designed this amazing device, which is available in the market in two brands named FOSSIL and ABACUS which has 2 MB internal memory.


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