Palm Reading

We all had someone through our life ask to see our hands to ‘read’ it. Usually they’ll watch one or two lines in our hand and say “I see bad luck coming your way”, or “You will live a long life”. The fact is, palm reading is a lot more complicated and advanced than that. There are dozens of things to look to and to analyze. Before I continue, I just want to point that I’m not saying that I believe in palm reading or its supposed predictions; these techniques are just here to show the various procedures and the extent of how far palm reading goes. I was introduced to palm reading around 3 years ago when I traveled to Great Britain with one of my friends. He knew a girl that would constantly read people’s palms, and eventually I learned some of the techniques.

Feel free to use these techniques when you meet someone new or go on a date, etc…They are great openers and great for conversations as well! For example, when you’re out for dinner for the first time with a special someone and suddenly there’s a silence, just go “Hey, give me your hand”; you can then start reading the person’s palm and it will give you plenty of opportunities for your conversations.

Which Hand?

When you say “Give me your hand”, the response is usually, “Well, which hand?” When reading palms, you have read both hands, but not at the same time. There is the dominant hand, and the passive hand. If you are right-handed, the right hand is the dominant hand and the left one the passive hand; vice versa if you’re left handed. The active hand is used for inherited traits, and the passive hand for one’s potential.

Hand Size

If a person is big, the hands will obviously be larger. Here you have to consider the size of the hand proportion wise. A smaller person might have larger hands in proportion to his body than someone taller.

A large hand means that the person is less active in life and more philosophical. This person probably spends more time thinking than doing. Smaller hands represent someone more energetic and active.

Shape of the Hands

There are 4 common shapes, and they are related to the 4 elements which are Air, Fire, Earth and Water. To know which element goes with which hand, you have to analyze the shape of the hands, the palm’s lines and length of the fingers.

The person is related to air if the palm has a square shape, longer fingers and thinner lines. This person is intellectual and sociable, and they are great lovers. Earth people have also square palms, but shorter fingers and thicker skin. These are people who love nature and are outgoing. They are looking for long term relationships more than anything else. Fire is related to longer palms, shorter fingers and thicker lines. These people are not afraid of risks and are always in a positive mood. Water people have long palms, long fingers, and many thin lines with no definite directions. They are sensitive people who have a lot of emotions.

The Flexibility of the Thumb

This is a measure of the person’s flexibility in general. Not physically, but as a personality trait. Someone with a very solid and rigid thumb will be someone hard to convince and change mind. If the thumb is long, it means he/she has even a stronger personality . Look also for the base of the thumb, if it is a lot thinner compared to the tip of the thumb, the person is usually someone polite and discrete.

The Heart Line

This is the top horizontal line. The higher it is, the more passionate and engaged the person is when it comes to love. If it curves upwards, the person is more reasonable. The closer it is to the index finger, the happier the person is. Someone selfish would be characterized by the line beginning below the middle finger. If it starts in between the two, it means you are easily affected by someone’s feeling towards you. If it is short and straight, you are more interested by sex than love or romance.

The Head Line

This is the second horizontal line below the Heart Line. This is usually related to how someone thinks and perceives things. The shorter it is, the more physical and less mental you are in your day to day activities. The strength of its curvature indicated creativity. If the Head and Life line (see below) are separated, you are an adventurous person. The thicker it is, the more cleared and focused you are.

The Life Line

This is the line that starts at the edge of the palm and is indicative of the quality of your life. The closer it is to your thumb, the more tired and less energetic you are. The longer it is, the longer your life will be. The closer it is to the edge, the more you hold back with relationships and commitment.

When reading someone’s palm, especially when your goal is to impress them, be wary, doubtful and ask questions as you make your statements. Don’t go, “I see you are totally an outgoing and fun person who knows where he/she is going”, as the person might be a total bookworm who has a boring job and doesn’t know in what direction his/her life might be going.


  1. This is really good information. I have never seen any other site quite like this. It is the best site I have ever been on for information thank you for your help.

  2. Do you know anything about the relationships with earth,air,fire and water?Like earth getting along better with water because water gives life to plants or that water and fire don’t get along well because water extinguishes fire. I was wondering if you knew anything about that

  3. And the life line doesn’t tell how long your life will be.

  4. hossein barati says:

    does palm reader tell you about future,for example how many wife you will take,how much money you will earned in future…..

  5. Is it bad luck to tell people of what was read of your palm? I got my palm read and she said not to tell anyone because it would be bad luck. Is it true?

  6. satyadev tyagi says:

    good techniques has been explained to understand better but if sketch given will help to understand better

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