One Big Secret of Success

There are many things that can make you successful. Spotting trends, never giving up, having a plan, distributing your work, etc…Success doesn’t depend on only one factor, but many factors put together to make a stronger arsenal. For example, you might have a plan, but if you are a person who gives up easily, a plan is not enough and your chances of success are low.

But out of all the techniques that can make someone successful, out of all the strategies that someone can try to achieve their dreams, I can easily pick one that stands above all. If I had to choose only one thing that could bring me from zero to hero is… time management.

Realize your time constraint

One of the great things about time management is that it allows you to realize how much time you’re spending at things that will never bring you anywhere. The people who complain they don’t have time for starting a small business are the same people who watch 4-6 hours of television everyday. The people who say they don’t have time to start a website or online business are the same kind of people who spend 5 hours a day on social sites and forums; as a matter of fact, I was one of them.

Do you realize what 5 hours per day is? Forget everything like having a plan or having experience in business. A total newbie who spends 5 hours a day on something will succeed better than a lazy knowledgeable industry person.

Making the unfeasible feasible

When I was at university a while back, I was always taking 2-3 courses more than my friends. During overloaded weeks full of assignments and midterms, all my friends used to complain they didn’t have time for this or that, that they’ll sacrifice the quality of their assignments by doing it quicker so they have more time to study for their more important midterms. Since we used to share some courses together, we always compared our grades, and one of them eventually asked “How comes you always get higher grades than me with so many courses, and how come you can always party with us when I call you?” I told him how I manage my time efficiently so I can do almost whatever I want in school and out of school. I then told him that I had 3 huge assignments and 2 midterms next week, and asked him how much time he would usually take to complete and study for everything. He told me around 4 days. I responded that I could do it all in 1 day and still have time to play pool later on.

I had started my day at 7:00am with my assignments. At 4:00pm I was done with my assignments. I studied each exam for around 2.5-3 hours, and at 10:00pm I was done. I would of course revise for around 1 hour before the day of the exam one last time. And I got my hour of pool. Sure, that was a packed day, but I now had 3 free days compared to my friend, who would’ve probably taken a whole day for each assignment, with 2 hour breaks, with naps, some television, some internet, etc…

Managing your time boosts your productivity to the next level, and productivity means more success. The same tricks that I used in university 5 years ago, work beautifully now in my businesses as well. Time management, simply put, works with everything. You will need some discipline and some time to get used to this new form of life, but once you get the knack of it, there’s nothing stopping you.

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