Luminetx Vein Viewer

Needle is one thing everybody is afraid of, be it a child or an adult and that too if the doctor or attendant gets it right on the very first time itself. Think what would happen to a patient if the doctor or the attendant poke through your skin as if it were a bed to find the right place. Some time the person who is putting the needle is frustrated, he might poke you real bad in that frustration and causing a lot of pain, but if you want to avoid that kind of situation, then you must have Luminetx Vein Viewer.

This special hospital device uses some features like the near infrared light along with latest technologies that can create an image of the vascular structures. This will enable any person who is giving the injection to easily identify the vein and deliver the drug without poking and puncturing the vein at wrong places.

Luminetx vein viewer


  1. Chris Chang says:

    Dear sir :

    First of all I would like to know the exact price for Luminetx
    Vein viewer , Pls quote us in USD cause we are in Burma now .

    Many thanks

  2. Vahid Rzayev says:

    I ask you to name the price
    Sincerely, Vahid Rzaev

  3. Murungi Don Rhay says:

    How much is the device?

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