Life Is Always a Challenge, Play it Gracefully

It’s natural that we feel sad, frightened and pained when anything adverse happens to us. But if you look back at history you will see that human beings have always been able to rise to life’s challenges, remain healthy and reach great heights no matter what. It may not always seem so, but these adversities are actually lessons in life. By overcoming the challenges you are learning different lessons and also teaching others life’s many lessons.

Well, wondering what it is you could be teaching anyone? All human beings interact with each other, whether they are right next to you or far away, every person gets affected by everybody else, whether they interact with each other or not.

What you need to consider is if your life was a movie, would the people who came to see it be inspired by my actions in life? What is it I am doing and why do I do it? How can I be someone that other’s will look up to as a guiding light in their lives?

Here is some advice that has served me well and I hope it will help and guide you in times of adversity and also inspire you to help others too

Look at the Bigger Picture

Let your experiences serve to fully awaken you and remind you to be grateful for all that life has given you, especially all the people who share your life. Every step of your journey helps to strengthen you more than you can imagine. Your family and friends have surely noticed your courage and are inspired by it. They will surely reflect upon the influence you have on their own lives. Take time to stop and appreciate the smaller things in life- the power of a warm word or a friendly smile or just the fact that you are surrounded by people who love you. Sometimes it is through others that we learn to appreciate every day and make it count.

Have Faith

Believing in a higher power is a great source of courage to keep going despite the tough moments and to draw on the healing power that is present in the universe.  At any given time, there are typically two voices that go on non-stop in your head. Ignoring the voice of fear and choosing the voice of courage will ensure that your prayers will get answered every time. Trust that somebody somewhere is supporting you because faith is strong enough to make anything possible, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Love your friends and family

Love is the power that keeps us all going on with our lives. On days that you want to get away from it all and just shut yourself in a room; instead, take a deep breath and allow those who love you to come in. Miracles can happen to you when you believe in the power of love and know that no matter what happens or what may go wrong any day, you will always have love.

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