Knowledge Isn’t Always Good

When asking someone if they would prefer being clueless or being given knowledge, the answer is obvious. Then why is knowledge not always good? On any subject, you are either ignorant or knowledgeable, and we all know that knowledge is power. The real problem is when you have so much knowledge that you think that you’re always right.

Being Confident When You Shouldn’t Be
If you put 2 different people in the same situation. One who knows the situation and the environment pretty well, and is confident he’ll be able to get out, and the other one who knows nothing and knows that he is weak. When trying to find a way to get out, the most knowledgeable person is so confident about his abilities that he never doubts himself, in front of every challenge there is no double checking and thinking or doubting. The inevitable will eventually happen, he will sooner or later sink by his own hands. Compare that to the ignorant person who knows he is ignorant, all this person will do is doubt himself and double or triple check everything before every action.
Now the ignorant person might not have more chances of succeeding even with all the doubting and checking, but the point is that both of them will eventually fail.

Knowing How To use Knowledge
Being able to use your knowledge with rationality is how everyone should be. Knowing you know more than everyone else but at the same time understanding that you can be wrong will prevail over someone who has all the knowledge in the world. Some people live their life by absorbing all the knowledge possible and not understanding a bit of it. This will have the effect of under developing their rational sense by not connecting all the bits and pieces together. Another example of bad ways of using knowledge is combining it with stubbornness. Stubborn people have their own way and opinion and no one else exists. Give these people a bit of knowledge and they think they’re the king of the world. But even a stubborn person will listen to someone else when they don’t know the answer, and they’ll become the perfect opposite when they think they do.
The real problem in using knowledge in a bad way is the false sense of security it gives, and this false sense of security will fail everyone who has it. The real successful people know how to use other people’s opinions to better shape their knowledge.

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