Is Your Blog Personal Enough?

According to Technorati, there are 175,000 blogs that are born every day. EVERY DAY! Do you realize how many blogs that are? That’s almost 7300 blogs that are born every hour, even when you’re sleeping. That’s not only today, but tomorrow as well, and then again the next day, and it never stops.

By the time you chose your domain, start your blog and start posting, millions of other blogs made their way in. So the question people are asking, “Why should I read YOUR blog and not the other new 1.2 million blogs created just last week?” To me, this sounds like an honest question, so what’s your answer?

Be Unique
Are you going to be just another blog that talks about online advertising? Or maybe the next blog that will be talking about video games? There’s plenty of established blogs that are doing that already and there’s no reason for them to switch from their regular readings to yours.

The key to everything, and especially to blogs is to make your writings personal and unique. Making it personal means a lot, and it’s not something you can fix in 2 minutes. Adding a personal touch is something that is embedded in your blog entirely. The way you make your titles, the tone of your posts, the theme that you are using, the way you are responding to your comments, etc…You and your blog must blend in perfect harmony.

It is the only viable method to increase your readership and your audience. Why? Because you are unique. Everyone can talk about the latest gadgets and lay out the specs, but can they do it the way you do? If you are someone funny in life, incorporate humor, if you are a fan of movies, relate your blog posts to movies…just relate your blog to you and what you do!

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