How a Car Engine Works

I love cars, and contrary to most of my friends, I don’t only enjoy supercars or fast cars. I love hearing new cars that come out that have new technology or have a rather original design. I’ve been a fan of cars since I was a kid. I remember reading car magazines when I was 10 and just loved looking at car pictures.

Not too long ago I was having a discussion with some friends, and out of nowhere we started talking about cars. After a few minutes, the discussion became kinda technical since 2 of them we’re car mechanics. At that second I realized one thing, I had absolutely no idea how a car engine works! No matter how many car shows I had attended, how many car magazines I read, how many car engine pictures I saw over the years, I just didn’t know how a car engine works.

Being the passionate and curious person as I am, first thing I did when returning home was to make a search on this piece of engineering . We all spend so much money on cars, and a car is probably one of the things you will use the most in your life, and yet most of us are clueless about it’s inner workings.

I found this video that I truly find beautiful. It’s a 3D animation that really has a lot of details. And best of all, it’s entertaining! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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