H4 Personal Helicopter

Helicopter…. Yes would you like to own a helicopter which can be personalized just at a very cheaper rate of 17,500 UK pounds and of very light weight and have a speed of 56 MPH (90 kilometers) what one doubtlessly needs to have is just a pilot license to ride your own helicopter. H4 personal helicopter can make 56 miles per hour. It is invented by Japan and for 3.6 million yen and 31,000 dollars. It is equipped with a tiny engine of 125 cc (eight horse powers) with rotating helix devise, accommodating single person. A person who wants to enjoy helicopter riding all by himself/herself with tiny engines and propellers can personalize this Gen-H4 Personal Helicopter developed by the Japanese, as they make all sort of odd things. Gen-H4 Personal Helicopter has been invented by the Gen Corp…. to help people making their dream come true. So what are you waiting for get on board by personalizing this helicopter?


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