Distribution of your Work

When you start a project, often people are overwhelmed with the amount of work they realize there is on the table. They had a goal in mind, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there are bits of work here and there that pop out and have to be done. Usually one person does the whole thing, no matter how much time it looks like it’s going to take. Generally, unless your work is very complicated to explain or technical, distributing your work is not only more practical but also more profitable.

Saving time for more money
This is generally true when your business starts needing focus at more than one place. Say for example that your business has 3 employees that built hand made products. These products are very difficult to make and requires someone double checking for many criterias before selling them.

Since you are the owner of the store and know every single ins and outs of the business, you like to do this yourself. Now a business owner is not really paid by the hour and works sometimes 12 hours a day. But over some period of time, you can start to know how many hours you will work on average a week and you can divide your income accordingly. Say your hourly rate comes down to $50/hour.

Now you have to ask yourself how precious is your time? Does checking these items by yourself before selling them really worth $50/hour? Yes it’s your products and it’s the base of your business, but are you sure no one else can do it? Most of the times someone else, with some little formation, can do the job very close to what you are able to do. But here, there is yet a bigger issue, you are the owner of the business and have many other important tasks that need to be done, and you can easily hire someone to do the same checking for $10/hour.

Doing this yourself when you’re paid $50/hour not only makes you less productive, but now, with distributing your work, you can easily and automatically increase your hourly rate since you are no longer doing a job that was worth $10/hour.

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