Dealing With the Negative

Sales representatives generally complain or look for ways and means to tackle the one big ‘no’ from the customer. Few people actually say ‘no’ directly though they might sight some objections instead. But when someone really says a point blank ‘no’ then it is time to soften the sales executives approach as he might be too pushy.

It is natural for people to panic or get anxious when someone approaches them for the only purpose of selling something. We generally feel a little pressurized and immediately block or put up a wall against the sales deal.

Make the Customer Feel Comfortable

It is the responsibility of the salesperson to make the customer feel comfortable. He should first be honest with the whole approach and not try to fake the sale. It is easier to really be honest and it is also wise to know about the customer’s view, opinion and interest which will make the job quiet simple and you can save on the energy of talking to someone who is in no need of the product at all.

When the customers need is identified, then the entire work of the salesperson is restricted only to carry on a conversation with the customer regarding his product interest or need. Nothing more than that to distract them or displease them unnecessarily is recommended. So it is always to carry on an approach of conversation once the customer’s interest is sorted out rather than a sales approach.

Build Credibility

Another most important approach is to build credibility which is the most important tool for an ideal salesman. A salesman is always a stranger for the clients, so it is up to his attitude and approach to build a trust. For this, communication skill is very much essential along with understanding of the client’s exact needs. Once this kind of an image is fixed up with the client, there is no more need to face a ‘no’ from their side.

Still if a salesman tends to receive a ‘no’ from the customer, his next step would be exploring the reason behind the ‘no’ instead of getting dejected. If only this tendency is developed, he can learn as well as win. When the reason is brought out, then it is the time to show salesmanship, to rectify their doubts and bring them to a conviction. Other than this a ‘no’ will really get you go down if not rectified and solved on the spot.

Communication Is A Skill

Communication is a great art and hence this has to be carefully and skillfully utilized when trying to extract a proper response from the customer. They might not like to answer why they don’t need your product, in that case indirect questions can be asked to find out the real reason behind the objection. Whatever the feedback the salesperson has nothing to lose as he can either strike a sale or at least learn from the response about where he went wrong.

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