Carrypad Elekson Keyboard

The Carrypad from Elekson is a real utility device that can serve as a keyboard for any device that is Bluetooth enabled. The basic advantage of this device is that you can sync it Palm, UMPD, Smart phone, or a UMPD, you can place them inside a pouch provided by the manufactures and you can protect your keyboard by putting that in pouch and have the functionality of a full size keyboard in a pocket size keyboard.

Yes, this is a very tiny but useful device, which is very compact and useful and can be taken to anyplace without any problem, unlike the original keyboard with all the wires attached to it. There are no wires it is clean wireless device that communicates with the help of Bluetooth. It would be dream device to any keyboard player in a group or band or even a solo keyboard player.

Carrypad elekson keyboard

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