Are you Viral Enough?

If there is one way to make money online with little to no work, it certainly is viral marketing. Viral marketing is the kind of marketing that you put some work up front with or without money, and when your plan or strategy boosts off, there is no stopping it and best, no work to put behind it; it all goes off by itself.

You might imagine that this sort of success doesn’t come easy, but you would be surprised at how accessible this kind of thing really is.

Ideas and Trends
These 2 words put together summarize pretty much viral marketing. Trends are everywhere and they will always exist, but this doesn’t mean that people are profiting from them. Being viral requires you to have some good imagination to develop ideas that people will talk about and jump in with you. Just think of Johncow for example, which is simply a parody of JohnChow. The trend is already there as John Chow is very popular and becoming even more popular everyday. Since JohnChow isn’t slowing down, someone decided to profit from the trend of JohnChow by having this bright idea of making a creative site with a twist. JohnCow is now spreading extremely fast in the blogosphere with basically no advertising, everything is being done for him by other bloggers.

Be Credible
This one is required as well to give your strategy yet a bigger boost. By combining some level of credibility, you can convince people that this might actually be the next big thing. It is almost like linkbaiting, where you convince people to talk about you without actually making it obvious. In the example above, JohnChow is already a credible source in the blogosphere, he is making money and posting his earnings. Granted, JohnCow is nobody but in this case it doesn’t matter. The point is that everything was built because of the credibility of John Chow.

This is the perfect case of viral marketing that needs no money. In fact it requires no effort as well since JohnCow is actually looking for guest writers, so that’s even less work for him!

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