A Blog and You

Have you ever created your own blog? Blog reveals the personality of the blogger. Blogs become more interesting to read when people try to express their passion for a topic. Readers find these types as new readings that offer new insights to them. Blog writing is not much into how well a person can write but more of how one can capture the interest of readers. Topics that reveal a personal passion for a topic are most likely to catch reader’s interest.

It is necessary that your blog can be easily searched by readers through the use of search engine. It is also important that your blog can be easily read once your web page has been found. For your blog to be interesting and attract readers here are some tips that you should remember as you create your own blog:

Area of Interest

Think of a topic that is within your area of interest. You may not necessarily be an expert to the topic but at least you should be knowledgeable about it. This will allow you to stay focus and make update of your postings.

Make your readers know you

Allow your readers to know you better. It is not necessary to write down your personal information but find a way to let your readers know where you are coming from and what you intend to impart. Your name may be memorable to your readers but your information counts more and that they are reliable. It’s more of building a bond between you and your readers.

Style to be used

You need to determine after choosing your blog topic and introducing yourself, the style you would use in writing your blogs. There are several styles that others use as they present their blog. Some prefer using their blog as a board for story telling, a board to educate readers on a particular topic or a discussion forum on how others feel about the topic as posted. While others try to blend their styles. Whichever your readers would like it written, please remember that they would definitely expect similar topic of interest on their next visit. There is also a need for you to make your topic worth reading. One would not be that interested to keep on checking your blog if all you have to account is your daily blog. You need to write something valuable for readers to learn in the end.

Write regularly

Ensure that you write regularly. Where some would start on their blog for a few days and later stop, others post on their blog as a daily obligation. Creating a blog is a responsibility. If you are committed in creating a blog it should be taken as a long-term thing. You should realize that there might be readers looking forward for your new postings. It is advisable to do your daily blog or if not postings can be done at least two or three days a week. Your readers visit to your blog website also allows to show the search engine rankings.

Use website links

You may include link of another person’s web page or story to add relevance and reliability of your posts. This will serve as reference. This would allow readers to trust your writings and find out if your information and views are valid. You may also have to link your previous topics if your current topic has made reference to your previously written posts. Link your email signatures and forum signatures if necessary, to represent your rights or ownership to the topic.

So think about if you are ready for a blog and know your commitments to yourself and readers. When you have finally decided to create one, work on it and you are glad to see the big positive turn out to you as a person and to your readers as well.

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