Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper is a very potent device to zap the bugs out of your house. They can be used in any climate or any condition for any kind of bugs. This device is shaped like a tennis racquet and is very convenient to use. The only difference between a tennis racquet and bug zapper is that the bug zapper has a mesh of wires as the tennis bat has plastic wires.

It basically works by emitting huge bursts of electricity on the bugs and killing them instantaneously and a lot of precautions is needed while using the bug zapper. It should be kept away from a child’s reach, as touching the wires when it is charged could cause some real damage to the children. This is aptly named as a Bug Zapper because it does really zap the life out of the bugs and gives you the peace of mind. This device can get rid of all those annoying bugs in your house and rid your house of the pests.

Bug Zapper

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