And Your Health in All That?

We all consider we have two main parts in our life: our professional life and our social life. Many people are so tangled up in their professional life that they forget their social life. They spent countless hours at work doing over time, either to make more money or because their boss asked them. Their friends constantly harass them to go and get out to make new friends and develop relationships with a partner and stop spending life alone.

Other people who are luckier and who either work from home or are entrepreneurs have both more money and more time. They are able to socialize and spend their extra free time going out and having fun. For some people, these people have the ideal life.

The third part of your life

The fact is, whether you are in one group or another, you are missing out on the third part of your life, and that it your health. For some people, their health is something that they think about occasionally from time to time. “I need to start exercising some time”, or “I don’t eat very healthy, I need to change”. But the problem is, they think about it for a split second every week or so, then forget and don’t change anything at all. Years pass, and they still haven’t started exercising or eating healthier.

Your priorities

The priorities of everyone are either their social and fun life, or their professional and career life. But let me ask you a question. How will you profit or live any of these lives if you are not healthy? If I tell you that your current health habits will not permit you to have fun anymore in 10 years, will that change your outlook?

The problem is that people are too focused about the present only. They think that exercising or not exercising this week or next week won’t change anything. And they are right! And they are right on that thing alone. The fact is that if you don’t exercise this week, or decide to do, it won’t change anything. So why am I telling you that health should be your priority and at the same time tell you that exercise won’t make a difference?

It’s because exercising or proper diet is not something that you have to think it terms of this week or next week, but in terms of a lifestyle. And only then will it make a difference. Instead of thinking if it makes a difference to exercise this week, how about thinking if it would make a difference if you exercised every week for the next 5 or 20 years. Will you still think it won’t make a difference?

Money and friends come and go. You lose money and you make money. You lose friends and you make friends. However, you only have one life. You lose your life, and it’s over.

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